5 minutes | Jan 3, 2021

PREVIEW: In Search of the Perfect Podcast - Season 2, Episode 5

PATREON EPISODE - https://www.patreon.com/posts/in-search-of-2-5-45748664 In which Matt and Alistair explore the significantly strange world of podcasts, and look for the wheat amongst the chaff, and then try to learn from other podcasters' successes (and/or failures). In the fifth episode of our fantastic second season we're once again joined by Heather. Last time we took the high and holy road with Christian improv, but this time we go for a little solo comedy, with the Biker Chick Tit Gang Podcast, a show hosted by a guy called Maurice. "Laughs, true stories, current topics" is what he promises, and honestly he hits all three of those, even managing to talk movies too. Bonus: he has occasionally puzzling taste in women. What will this episode's little industrial espionage jaunt mean for Movie Melt, Songs on Trial, Get Soft with Dr Snuggles, Heavy Leather Horror Show, and Ballbusters?
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