63 minutes | Jun 7th 2017

Episode 17 - Pam Didner

The Queen of global marketing. Pam worked at Intel for several years. Started out as a CPA & moved all around the company, ending up in Global strategy. Her roles have always surrounded global. Favorite part of global marketing…understanding different cultures & environments.

She believes that sometimes your preparedness doesn’t always produce the results you think it will. She also thinks being added to lists (such as one of the top Global Marketers) can be overrated. There’s nothing romantic about the nuances of day-to-day marketing.

She enjoys coaching the most above anything else. She trusts her gut, especially when it comes to deciding to work with clients, but if a poor client comes around, she ends the relationship gracefully as opposed to burning bridges. FOLLOW UP is her key to be an effective professional.

For 5 months, she juggled working full time AND wrote a book at the same time. She said she had to hustle EVERY day, there was no slacking. Once tried to create an online course, thinking it could help her earn some side money, and had it fall completely flat on her. When it comes to writing, you have to take into account how your audience thinks and reads. Just because it makes sense to you, in your words, it doesn’t always  mean it will make sense to others.

Although she willingly admits she doesn’t get everything done, she's great at getting the right shit done! Tune in to find out how!