56 minutes | Oct 11, 2020

Episode 42 - Aunt Carla Says

Say hello to Aunt Carla! She is a self help witch that helps you dig through inner blockages and perform magic. As a wounded healer and someone who was overcriticized as a child, she is doing the opposite today and encouraging others by sharing. Aunt Carla specializes in candle magik to set intentions, and magik baths for release. Join us to debunk the act of "magic" and figure out what it really means. We touch on Religion vs. Spirituality, self motivation for healing, power, and more. 

Homework- Take an Aunt Carla 'Happy Hoodoo' bath! Take a yellow candle, yellow/pink/orange roses, put the rose petals in your bath, add a couple sprigs of fresh basil, Florida water or perfume/essential oil of your choice. Once in the bath make a mental gratitude list- What is going good in your life right now? Sit in that wonderful place of gratitude. Visualize positive outcomes. See the obstacles going down the drain. Air dry- do not use a towel, and dance nakey! 

Follow Aunt Carla on instagram at @marielizzeau. Marie Lizzeau started out as a T-shirt brand, which features the popular “100% That Witch” and “Hex Racism” t-shirts. Aunt Carla offers free "Sunday School Magickal Masterclasses" on Zoom, in which she teaches self-actualization through magick, metaphysics, psychology, and the Law of Attraction.

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