48 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

Ep. 183 - FLASHBACK: Thinking about how the whole(saling) thing started

Welcome back to the show listeners! You have not stumbled into the "time-warp" sequence of a Rocky Horror Picture Show but we are traveling back in time today to look at how your host and the Founder of Real Wealth Academy started in real estate. We employees and long time listeners alway get a good-natured chuckle when people get the wrong idea that Steve started his journey with a silver spoon. Tune in and find out that not all successful people started with a leg up. Maybe you can get inspired after hearing these stories! Did you like what you heard? Did it make you scratch your head in disbelief? Were you entirely sure that Steve was making the whole thing up? Well, go ahead and put those thoughts into an email and send it over to AskSteve@GetRealWealth.com. Steve is the only personal attached to that inbox so you are going to get a direct answer from the man himself!

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