45 minutes | Jan 11th 2021

Ep. 180 - Discussing the Principles of Wealth

Welcome back to the show everyone. We really and truly are grateful to have you hear. Now that we are going back into the work week, we think it is a good time to remind you all that a job is not something that you use to gain wealth. A job is something that you use to help and serve society in a very specific way but it has been proven over the last several decades that a job will not make most of us wealthy. So how do you get wealthy? Should you want to get wealthy? OF COURSE! Today Steve is talking about the Principles of Wealth and how they can help you change the course of your life. Please remember that Steve is always excited to hear from you! His true calling is coaching and consulting people directly. If you have a question or comment please email AskSteve@GetRealWealth.com. He is the only one who answers from that inbox and he answers ALL of his emails.

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