45 minutes | Jan 4th 2021

Ep. 177 - The Misconception About "PLAN B"

Happy New Year listeners and welcome back to the show! Everyone at Real Wealth Academy hopes that you had a wonderful time and that you were able to spend as much time as possible with or talking to your family members and loved ones. Seeing that 2020 was a tough year for many people, did you need to rely on a Plan B to get through the year? Do you have a Plan B at all? Well, no matter what happened to you then, you can always start the New Year by making a CORRECT plan B to fall on when times get tough next time. Don't be fooled though - this isn't your normal plan B. Did you ever take advantage of having a direct line to Steve last year? Was there a question you wanted to ask but never did? Well...its not too late! Steve is still directly connected to the inbox of AskSteve@GetRealWealth.com and answering your questions or concerns DIRECTLY! Don't be like that person last year that never asked a question - email Steve now!

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