46 minutes | Dec 10th 2020

Ep. 171 - Looking Forward to 2021 with Real Wealth Realty ft. Elissa Stone

Hello again listeners and welcome to part 2 of this week's unscheduled double feature! During this episode we are going to be addressing this year but mostly from the perspective of how we can't wait to get started on next year! Like most people, we are not going to miss all of the troubles that seemed to crop up during 2020 but from those troubles, new and exciting things are emerging. Steve had on Elissa Stone, real estate powerhouse and all around taker of names and chewer of bubble gum (don't ask...she's out of gum). Tune in and get excited for the coming weeks folks! This episode get you excited? Stressed out? Extra excited? Email Steve directly and let him know about it. He loves getting emails from his listeners and we count you among that number. The address is AskSteve@GetRealWealth.com.

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