45 minutes | Dec 7th 2020

Ep. 169 - Cracking the Business Model That Has a 95% Fail Rate

Welcome back from the weekend listeners! As we get closer to the holiday season we at Real Wealth Academy want to make sure that you continue to give yourself the best gift possible: Continuing Education. The best part is that this gift is free! Steve is on the show today talking about the business model that is failing out 95% of the people in our country today. It's something that is core to our education and we want it to be a part of yours as well so tune in and listen up! Please remember that if this show or any other show causes you to have questions or concerns (or even arguments!) please remember that Steve answers all emails that come to AskSteve@GetRealWealth.com personally. You don't often have a chance to directly email someone like this so don't let your next question go unanswered!

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