56 minutes | Apr 28, 2021

Episode 31: Reactions to the Mental Health Royal Commission

The findings of the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System are something that will shape the future of mental health services, not just in Victoria but potentially across Australia. Every year around one in five Victorians experience mental health issues, and about 3 per cent of the population — roughly 200,000 people — have a "severe" mental illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.The final report from the royal commission has found that Victoria's mental health system operates in crisis mode, has "catastrophically failed to live up to expectations" and must be rebuilt.There are 65 recommendations outlined in the report (the Victorian Government says it will implement all of them) including the phasing out of seclusion and restraints treatments over the next decade, and making compulsory treatments an option of last resort.So, what’s next now that the report is on the table and the real work of implementing its recommendations is about to start?We invited Angus (Gus) Clelland, CEO Mental Health Victoria and VMIAC CEO Maggie Toko for their take on what the recommendations mean for mental health services - and the next steps. More information:Mental Health Victoria - https://www.mhvic.org.au/VMIAC - https://www.vmiac.org.au/Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System Final Report - https://finalreport.rcvmhs.vic.gov.au/VIDEO: Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System Final Report  https://youtu.be/IvMWhvLff9Y 
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