26 minutes | Nov 17, 2020

Stay Psyched: 5 Tips to Get Organized

To learn more about the Get Psyched Mission:You can Get Psyched on...InstagramTwitterFacebookYoutubeCheckout my friend and fellow creator PME On Spotify(Producer PME has given me permission to use his beat '300k' as the Get Psyched intro/outro beat)Full Description: This morning I did some light reading in bed, then went to the kitchen, drank a nice tall glass of cold brew, and, after feeling like my heart was racing four times faster than my initial wakeup, I went back to my room and turned on my laptop so that I could finish editing today's episode. If I had the motivation to film everything Matt D'Avella-style it would've looked like the morning of a well put together person. Or at least that's what it felt like, i'm sure it looked more like that tired morning dog meme (if you haven't seen the gif, I recommend googling it, it's my favorite). Anyways, that's only because finally organizing a few things has taken the chaos out of my podcasting and morning routine. It just took a couple basic but incredibly helpful tips to get there. Now I'm able to make episodes easier and, hopefully, make them better too. So that's why I made this episode. If you want to feel like nothing can stop you from creating some of the coolest things ever, here are five tips that finally got me organized and even more psyched to do what I love.Mentioned in this Episode:AsanaTo-do-istAirtable
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