18 minutes | Dec 7, 2020

Let's Get Psyched About Reading: The Game of Lives by James Dashner

Description: Philosophy was one of the strangest but most interesting classes I took in college. If you've ever studied the subject I'm sure you understand why. I started reading “The Mortality Doctrine” series in highschool, since the author James Dashner also wrote my favorite book series “The Maze Runner”. And yes, I somehow only now finished this series (having recently graduated college). I don’t remember much about the books from highschool, so I was not expecting it to be as philosophical as it was. What is reality? What does it mean to truly be alive and to die? What does it mean to be good or bad? These are only a few of the questions covered in the action-packed trilogy. In this episode, I’m unpacking all of the philosophical themes that are presented in the book series. And by that I mean… I at least tried to. Did I do alright?Mentioned in this Episode:Goodreads Book Club QuestionTo learn more about the Get Psyched Mission:You can Get Psyched on...InstagramTwitterFacebookYoutubeCheckout my friend and fellow creator PME On Spotify(Producer PME has given me permission to use his beat '300k' as the Get Psyched intro/outro beat)
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