135 minutes | Mar 1, 2021

Episode 087 - Waylon James Dsouza | Artist, Designer, Researcher, & Urban permaculturist at The Botanical Lab

Waylon James Dsouza is an artist and designer, who creates avantgarde pieces of educational art based on substantial research via various vantages. He views our world through the lens of biomimicry, and integrates learning from nature into his work. Follow him on Instagram Check out his illustrations Connect with him on Facebook Listen to stories of his diverse practices from industrial design and installations to aquaponics and permaculture. His home terrace is an experimental space called The Botanical Lab, where he realizes his interest as an urban gardener. Waylon's multi-disciplinary explorations result in elaborate exhibits that highlight symbolic materials. They offer sustainable solutions while carrying elements of philosophy, culture, and education. Whether it's a rural community project, an urban planning exercise, a garden to table culinary experience, or an upcycled lighting fixture, Waylon has his pulse on the contemporary society. You may find him planning nocturnal garden layouts, painting his next mandala, or performing with fire at an exotic location. --- Ama - Amche Mollem - Anup J Kat - Aquaponics - Arrival (movie) - Azerbaijan - Beach cleanups - Biomimicry - Canopy walk Castle Rock - Changwon Sculpture Biennale 2020 - Domus - Eternal Flame, Baku - Geoffrey Bawa - Humpback whales - Indica: A Deep Natural History of the Indian Subcontinent - Jago: A Life Underwater - Jiu Jitsu - Judo - Landscape design - Mangrove Boardwalk, Panjim - Marie Kondo - MeRoom - Miyawaki Method of land regeneration - Mycelium network - Paper wasp - Paul Stamets - Permaculture - Plogging - Potter wasp - Slime mold - Social engineering - Sperm whale - Star Trek: Discovery - Tabula Rasa - Taraporewala Aquarium - Tropical architecture - Visual architecture - Zorastrianism --- Timestamps for reference02:36 Waylon's journey 18:10 More projects that Waylon has been working on 22:12 The Great Forgetting 23:21 More projects, especially one for Changwon 28:07 Making mandalas 29:23 Waylon's art expressions and mediums 30:51 Using art to educate, and why history is fascinating 34:53 My Mollem 36:42 Addressing conservation in Waylon's arts practice 37:35 Visual pollution & Sensory pollution 48:33 Understanding the term 'pollution' by definition 52:57 Is technology harvesting humans? 54:44 Mycelium network 57:30 Biomimicry as a lens 01:01:04 Bombay to Goa, breeding and domestication of certain animals 01:18:08 Nikhil's journey in brief 01:24:35 Learning about trees and different species 01:28:08 Coastal ecosystems 01:31:15 Sports and recreation through a responsible lens 01:35:05 Littering, before and after, the bucket analogy 01:38:44 Upcycling our products, Limca example 01:43:15 Conservation is a first world issue, and being vegan 01:50:37 Fire as an element 01:55:40 Industrial design, fluidity of nature, and public spaces 02:00:56 Rewilding urban spaces 02:03:42 Miyawaki method of land generation 02:04:33 What Waylon saw over the years 02:07:57 Waylon's upcoming projects ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryBaila Mi Cumbia (Sting) by Jimmy Fontanez Media Right Productions Sangria by Saidbysed Tango in Mumbai by Quincas Moreira Verve by Benjamin Martins All photographs by Waylon James Dsouza, & WJD Illustration, unless otherwise stated.
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