177 minutes | Dec 8, 2020

Episode 086 - Buland Shukla | Architect, Gypsy Jazz musician, Vinyl enthusiast, & Founder of Audiophile Goa, & For The Record Vinyl Bar

Buland Shukla is an architect, artist, and acoustic consultant. He wears many hats because he's curious about learning processes of how things work. He's keen about research in the field of acoustics ad architecture. Expect to find him experimenting with different flours to bake breads, or making fermented sauces using myriad ingredients. As night falls, he might be entertaining a crowd with gypsy jazz tunes, or playing host to a listening session at his vinyl club. --- Audiophile Goa Audiophile Goa is Goa's first vinyl record store and listening room, nestled in the heritage neighborhood of Fontainhas in Goa, India. Music enthusiasts and hardcore audiophiles will be able to experience sounds from analog paraphernalia at this intimate retail space. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page --- Copper Glow Audio Buland Shukla handcrafts Hi-Fi analog audio systems made using wood and copper chassis, on request. You can place an order for custom-built turntables, vacumn-tube amplifiers, and speakers, from his boutique brand called Copper Glow Audio. --- Ferment Station Goa is Buland's home setup, where he makes products such as ginger ales, kombuchas, sauces, and sourdough breads using controlled natural methods of fermentation. For The Record - Vinyl BarInspired by the vinyl bars of Tokyo, Buland has created an intimate space for enthusiasts to enjoy high fidelity music on analogue systems, and handcrafted feni-based cocktails prepared using Indian craft spirits. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page --- Under the umbrella of Heritage Acoustics, Buland offers his services as an architect, and consults on restoration of heritage spaces. The Banjara Quartet is a music band that showcases Gypsy Jazz tunes. Follow their socials to catch them a live music venue in Goa, or on their tour. Like their Facebook page Listen to them on Soundcloud --- TIMESTAMPS FOR REFERENCE 04:07 Heritage architecture of Fontainhas 06:13 What attracts Buland to the architecture of Goa? 12:24 Timelessness in contemporary architecture 18:09 Do architectural ideas get executed at individual levels? 19:53 Public projects 21:43 Public access to showstopper structures 25:21 Modern architects who have created timeless structures 29:09 Buland's interest in Indian vernacular architecture and sound 35:54 Design and acoustic hotspots in ancient and spiritual spaces 39:41 Acoustical restoration of a church 46:45 Significance of acoustics in contemporary structures 49:07 What is Heritage Acoustics? 50:42 Some examples of awesome structures that Buland has interacted with 56:04 Urban planning and design 01:13:03 Influences from travels 01:15:03 Buland's introduction to architecture 01:18:21 Buland's musical journey 01:21:06 Form tabla to guitar 01:22:50 What is gypsy jazz? 01:25:44 How did The Banjara Quartet come together? 01:29:05 Buland's take on the contemporary music scene 01:39:24 Vinyl records and high fidelity music 01:43:23 The beginning of Audiophile Goa 01:48:15 Creating a listening and drinking space at For The Record Vinyl Bar 02:02:00 Fermentstation and understanding fermentation 02:13:51 Inclination towards vintage and old things 02:18:33 Influence of Vaastu Shaastra and Feng Shui in architecture 02:21:42 Sustainability and eco-conscious living scenario in Goa 02:33:54 Our impact on our immediate surroundings 02:39:35 Cultural dynamics in Goa Also mentioned in this episode Afonso Guest House - Antilla - Antoni Gaudi - Anumitra Ghosh - Anuradha Naik - Azulejos - Bauhaus - Big Butt Audio - Bombil - Braganza House - Buddha Bar - Burj Khalifa - Cafe del Mar - Cave paintings of Australia - CEPT University - Chamber music - Chichén Itzá - Colonial architecture - DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) - Designing Design - Django Reinhardt - Dr Manohara KK - Dubai - Duke Ellington - Edible Archives - Eiffel Tower - Elevator music - El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan) - Empire State Building - Fan-shaped cobble pavements - Fontainhas - Frank Gehry - Frank Lloyd Wright - Gothic churches - Gregorian chants - Guggenheim Museum - Gypsy Jazz - Houses of Goa - ICAR Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute - Iegor Reznikoff - Iggy the Bastard - Indian Music Experience - Izakaya - Japanophilia - Jazz kissa - Joseph Bar - Kenya Hara - Khola chilli - Koothambalam - Laterite stone - Lounge music - Machu Picchu - Mala, Panjim - Manasi Prasad - Mandavgarh - Manga comics - Marina Bay Sands - Micky's Place Agonda - Namghar - Naoshima Island - National Institute of Design Ahmedabad - Nilankur Das - Old Goa - POGO (Peope of Goan Origin) - Quetzal - Raj Bhavan, Goa - Robert - Sagrada Familia - Santiago Calatrava - Sourdough - Stéphane Grappelli - Tadao Ando - Tahir Noronha - Taj Mahal - Tallest skyscrapers in the world - The Church of the Light - The Statue of Unity - Throat singing - Thus - Uzbekistan - Vinyl bars of Japan - Weaboo - Yazd, Iran ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryCantus Firmus Monks by Doug Maxwell Gypsy Dance by Topher Mohr and Alex ElenaGypsy Stroll by Aaron Lieberman All photographs by Audiophile Goa, Buland Shukla, Copper Glow Audio, Fermentstation, For The Record Vinyl Bar, & Heritage Acoustics, , unless otherwise stated.
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