152 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

Episode 085 - Akash Sharma | Experimental artist, Archaeoacoustics conservationist, & Founder of Sound.Codes

Akash Sharma is an experimental artist, archaeoacoustic conservationist, and the founder of Sound.Codes. Listen to his journey from growing up in Mumbai and studying computers and music, to now helping preserve sound heritage and acoustic signatures via multiple open-source projects! Sound.Codes is a research lab that encompasses Akash's diverse interests. This entity showcases the world of sound through avant-garde multimedia projects. See their website Follow them on InstagramListen to them on Soundcloud Like their Facebook page Watch their YouTube channel Chat with them on Twitter Akash develops custom hardware and platform agnostic software to assist audio enthusiasts. Akash also builds his own field recording binaural microphone named as Kaan. This is available on a made-to-order basis. Keep an ear out for his immersive audio experiences and interactive installations that pop up across the world. Akash is an integral part of Algorave India, part of a global algorithmic dance culture movement. He creates live music using computer codes under the aliases Substance_D and/or Old Squirrel. See their website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Akash established a studio called KarmaQuad at the village of Kalga in the Indian Himalayas.  It features an quadraphonic room, an electronic lab, a woodworking lab, and an oven. Also mentioned in this episode 423hz vs 440 hz - Abhinay Khoparzi - Acoustics - Acoustic levitation - Aguada underground watertank - Ajanta caves - Alex McLean - Anna - Arvalem caves - Ambisonic room - Archaeoacoustics - Archaeological Survey of India - Archaeology - Archive.Org - Arctic Code Vault - Area 51 - Arunachal Pradesh - Assam - Aum - Bärenzwinger, Berlin - Bhakti - Basilica of Bom Jesus - Buddhism - Campal - Carnatic music - Chalukya dynasty - Chalukya caves - Concert pitch - David Attenborough - Dhanya Pilo - EMF microphones - Equal Temperament Scale - Fibonacci - Fontainhas - Ganjam - Gharana - GitHub - Goethe-Institut Max Muller Bhavan Mumbai - Gong baths - Hampi - Hinduism - Hoysala - Jainism - Joshua “Tig3rbabu” Thomas - Kalga, Himachal Pradesh - Kinesthetic experience - Lodhi - Memory effect on water - Mimosa leaves - Napoleon Bonaparte - Neumann - Ninja - Northeastern Hill University - Orchestra setting - Penha de França church, Goa - Raia - Right to repair - Rivona caves - Samurai - Siang district - Sleep concerts - Sonic restoration - Sound healing - Sound heritage - SoundTrek - Sufi in India - Tambdi Surla temple - Tantra - The Musafir Stories (Meghalaya episode) - The Story Of - Usgalimal rock carvings - Vedic chants - Vittala temple Timestamps for reference05:00 Music and performing, as Algorave 07:17 What does Akash do in the realm of sound? 08:42 What is archaeoacoustics? 10:26 Use of archaeoacoustics in the modern day 11:53 How does gathering data for archaeoacoustics work? 16:20 Collecting audio data from a space 19:12 What is acoustic signature? 20:01 What is Sound Heritage? 23:55 Akash's work involves capturing sonic snapshots of spaces 26:19 Akash's first experience of resonating caves 29:18 Projects in the Northeast of India 30:53 Transitioning interest in sound into projects 33:00 Covering Goan archaeological sites for sound heritage 41:17 How can a layman experience sound heritage? 45:12 Some of Akash's favorite projects - Plantoid 49:10 Project with ITC to gamify nightclub experiences 54:23 Another highlight project 01:01:13 Kaan in a cage in Berlin 01:08:36 What is Sound.Codes? 01:11:14 Human-machine relationships 01:13:52 Humans, machines, and sustainability 01:18:49 Kaan - a binaural microphone 01:23:14 The beauty of binaural sounds 01:26:18 Spirituality, psychedelics, and civilizations 01:31:13 Sacred spaces and sounds 01:33:02 Acoustic levitation 01:38:19 Musical pillars in temples across India 01:42:00 The story behind 423 Hz cosmic frequency 01:45:20 Chants, 108, and cosmic frequency 01:48:42 Indigenous people and their relation to sounds in sacred spaces 01:51:55 Is there acoustic communication between plants and trees? 01:56:06 Sites, sounds, and emotions 01:58:44 Use of sound in healing and medicine 02:04:58 Archiving contemporary civilization digitally 02:11:30 Gharana music project 02:17:10 Algorave India 02:21:13 KarmaQuad 02:22:58 Upcoming projects ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryOrient by SefChol Sonic by Lish Grooves Sunset Riddim by Konrad OldMoney All photographs by Akash Sharma, Algorave India, & Sound.Codes, unless otherwise stated.
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