199 minutes | Sep 14, 2020

Episode 080 - Varun George | Divemaster, Surfer, Sustainability champion, & Founder of Greenlane.TV

Greenlane.TV is a media company that curates content around green living, and promotes a sustainable lifestyle. A bevy of eco warriors have come together for this venture to cater to discerning consumers across the world. Check out their various channels that include an in-house production called Greenlane Originals. You can enjoy dedicated series such as Preserve Our Islands, Patrons of the Earth, and Sustainable Homes, among others. Tune in to learn about initiatives, products, services, and experiences for the conscious at heart. Browse their online store where you can shop for sustainable local brands.   See their website Watch their YouTube channel Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook page Varun George is a sustainability champion and the founder of Greenlane.TV. This watersports buff is a seasoned divemaster, avid surfer, and kite surfer. Varun has been dabbling in the digital space, connecting creators and green brands, via a company called Soul Skill, now rejuvenated as Treety. As a believer in the power of video, he's involved in showcasing and producing regional stories of sustainability. Expect to find him admiring marine life, riding surf breaks, chilling on permaculture farms, or hiking across beautiful landscapes, somewhere in the world. Listen to his journey from growing up in a family that embraced an eco-conscious lifestyle, and immersing himself in the oceans, to now starting a media company with a vision to nudge others towards greener lifestyles by making sustainability sexy! Varun has been inspired by his family business called CGH Earth, his partner Lakshmi Poti and her sister Meenakshi Poti, while navigating the world of sustainability. Also mentioned in this episode: Adani Group - AirInk - Alphabet - Amazon - Andaman Nicobar Environment Team - Anup J Kat - Apple - Ayurveda - Bali - Bio stores, Germany - Burma Bike Partnership - Blue Origin - Brenninkmeijer family - CBD (cannabidiol) - CGH Earth - Dutch Good Growth Fund - Dzüko Valley - Earth Roamer - Ecosia - Electric Bikes - Elon Musk - Extinction Rebellion - Extreme E series - Freediving - Gold Coast, Queensland - Google - Green Fund - Green Stories - Gucci - Heritage City, Gurgaon - HORECA - Hotstar - Jeff Bezo's contribution to sustainability - Jimmy Lee Wolf - Journeys With Meaning - Julia Hulme - Kerala - Kim Kardashian's prison reform efforts - Kitesurfing - Kochi - Lakshmi Poti - Land Rover - Mahabalipuram - Meenakshi Poti - Mergui Archipelago - Microplastics in fish - Mind Valley - Moken people - Mu Koh Surin National Park - Neil Island - No Nasties - Northeast India - OTT - Patagonia - Patrons of the Earth - Peter Fernandes - Plant-based meat - Plant medicines - Pornhub planting trees - Prathima Muniyappa - Raw food - Reliance Retail - Something Slow - Surfing - Surfing in India - Surfing in Sri Lanka - Tanaz Noble - Tesla - Tesla Roadster Starman in space - The Better India - The Ninth Isle - Treety - Unilever - Vinod Sreedhar - Wall E Timestamps for reference 03:00 Lockdown and remote working 07:32 Moving towards local and regional 11:13 Global collective consciousness and going local 17:35 Technology and current scenario with sustainability 23:00 Understanding sustainability? 26:20 Evil corporations funding emerging resources 29:19 Corporations embracing sustainability 31:31 Big corporations with green operations vs green startups 40:36 Sustainable living is a conscious choice 41:22 A game to explore sustainability 49:57 What is Greenlane.TV? 57:57 Short videos vs long-form content 01:01:00 Big businesses and green initiatives 01:04:00 Understanding sustainable businesses 01:10:36 Investing in green businesses, and believing in emerging ideas 01:13:23 Crowdfunding for green businesses 01:14:25 Shopping for sustainable products on Greenlane.TV 01:15:29 The spectrum of products and services that can be available in local flea markets 01:22:24 Taking about Amazon Go 01:28:00 Is sustainable living a luxury? 01:29:44 Consumption and updating products in daily life 01:31:44 Carbon footprint counter 01:33:35 Examples of a few sustainable brands 01:38:18 Plant-based meat and eating meat 01:42:28 Varun’s family, and CGH Earth 01:50:08 Amazon Go reprise 01:53:44 How do you know if a business is truly green? 01:56:16 Just planting trees as a business is not going green 01:58:35 Ecosia and Google 02:03:41 Varun’s many influences 02:11:11 Why travel and getting out is the best way to understand sustainability 02:13:28 Youth and positions of power 02:19:15 Varun’s love for the oceans 02:39:57 Travel and sustainability, along with examples of destinations 02:58:06 Talking about Mollem National Park 03:01:00 Space and the stars 03:03:14 Nature and interacting with plants 03:09:55 Are we nature? We are nature! ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of Icons8 and YouTube Audio Library Hang - Music by Max Sergeev from FugueBook a Rental With It by RAGE Dark Lotus (Sting) by MK2 Sunday Stroll by Huma Huma
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