89 minutes | Aug 28, 2020

Episode 078 - Aaron Millar | Journalist, Photographer, Travel writer, & Host of Armchair Explorer

Aaron Millar is a travel writer, journalist, and photographer. Over the years, he has been an artist manager, owner of an independent record label, and a presenter for National Geographic TV. Now, he collects 'wonders' through diverse life experiences, which translates beautifully in his works. Follow him on Instagram Chat with him on Twitter| Aaron hosts a fantastic travel podcast called Armchair Explorer where The World's Greatest Adventurers Tell Their Best Story From the Road. This documentary-style production takes you right into the action, accompanied by cinematic sounds, brilliant narration, and heartfelt experiences. See the website Like their Facebook page Listen to his story from growing up in Brighton, England, and travelling the world for diverse stories, to making a home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, USA, and hosting a travel podcast to share great adventures. An award-winning travel writer, Aaron regularly contributes to several international publications. He has written two books titled 50 Greatest Wonders of the World, and 50 Greatest National Parks of the World. When not creating content, you can find him indulging in the outdoors, maybe climbing rocks, and exploring percussion instruments. Also mentioned in this episode Afghanistan -  American West - Anwals in the Himalayas - Badami - Bagan - Bhut Jolokia - Bouldering - Brighton, England - Bugs Bunny - Buster Jesik - Cliff camping - Colorado - Denali - Drew Bansky - Edible insects in South East Asia - Effects of wilderness on your mind - Estes Park - First Settlers - Ganesha 8+ - Goa - Gordon Hempton - Grand Canyon - Horseradish - India Pale Ale (IPA) - International Dark Sky Reserves - International Space Station (ISS) - Iran - Japan - Kii Mountains - Kombucha - Kumano Kodo - Kung Fu movies - Matt Mikkelsen - Mount Teide National Park - Mustang horses - Nachi no Ôtaki - Native Americans - NEOWISE comet - Neil Armstrong - Northern Lights in Denali - Oysters - Pakistan - Patagonia - Prefrontal Cortex - Quiet Parks International - RadioLab - Restaurant wars - Rings of Saturn - Rock climbing - Rock climbing in Hampi - Rocky Mountain National Park - Ryoei Takagi - Sheldon Chalet - Shugen-dō - Siem Reap - Sun - TED Radio Hour - Tenerife - The Dawn Wall - The Overview Effect - The Times - Tommy Moe - Tungabhadra River - Utah - Virginia Oyster Trail - Wasabi - Wyoming - Yosemite National Park --- Timestamps for reference 02:21 Living in Colorado 08:39 Spirit of the American West 10:19 Mention of Quiet Parks International 11:36 Why we podcast 14:56 We need to adventure 20:03 Collecting wonders during our lifetimes 25:55 Sharing wonders with other humans 32:35 Effects of nature and natural surroundings 40:00 The Overview Effect 45:12 International borders and challenges in visitng certain countries 50:05 Religion and travel 51:55 Why does Aaron hate gin? 53:45 Spicy foods 56:02 Exploring local flavors 01:02:47 Looking up to the skies 01:10:27 We are nature 01:13:26 What is Blue Dot Perspective, & the Armchair Explorer podcast? 01:17:24 A bit about Travel Writing 01:22:01 How being a traveller and adventurer influence parenting? ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio Library Bodele Depression (Mega-Chad Mix) by Jesse Gallagher Gamela by E's Jammy Jams Touch Tone by The Mini Vandals All photographs by Aaron Millar, and Armchair Explorer, unless otherwise stated
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