136 minutes | Jul 23, 2020

Episode 074 - Shammi Raj Bhalla | Tech Art explorer, & Co-creator of Sensistan

Shammi Raj Bhalla is a co-creator of Sensistan, and Cyrcus Collective. In addition to being a Tech+Art explorer he's an artist in the making. Shammi also teaches at the Royal University of Law and Economics. Expect to find him learning the latest in technology, and mingling with new age artists. Listen to his story from engineering studies and chasing Wall Street, to empowering communities through art therapy, and now spearheading India's first tech art museum! Sensistan is India's first tech art museum, nestled amid the lush surrounds of Badem in North Goa, India. Spread across three floors, a terrace, and a tropical garden, experience See the website Follow them on Instagram Like their Facebook pageWatch their YouTube channel Step into this interactive wonderland replete with permanent and rotating exhibits that hope to take you on a multi-dimensional journey. Sign up for immersive workshops, art sessions, and dining experiences that happen regularly. Cyrcus Collective is a not-for-profit organisation that uses Tech+Art and art therapy to stimulate creative expressions in communities that have had traumatic events. Timestamps- What is Sensistan? 13:15- Story of Sista, the young girl 24:30- Awe in art 27:15- Psychedelics in art 41:00- Softwares for Tech Art 50:55- Engaging with interactive art 57:15- Artist operations at Sensistan 01:08:10- Shammi meets Steph 01:18:00- Early days during the ideation of Sensistan 01:20:00- Artshram, Phnom Penh 01:23:43- Light festivals around the world 01:36:45- Personal story of Shammi 01:46:10- Future projects of Sensistan 01:51:00 Also mentioned in this episode3D Printing - Ai Weiwei - Amy Adams - Andy Trootootoo - Anindya Gupta - Ansh - Arrival - Artechouse - Artificial Intelligence - Art shares - Art therapy - Assagao - Bangladesh - BITS Pilani - Broadway - Burning Man - Cambodia - CODEC - Coded Field - Deep fake - Deep Playa - Disneyland - Elon Musk - Factory Obscura - Family Guy - Fête des Lumières - Foresta Lumina series - Friends - Game of Thrones - George R R Martin - Georgia - Grasshopper - Himalayan Academy of Music Technology - House of Electronic Arts Basel - Jens Uwe Parkitny - Hologram - Kinetic art - Kingdom of Dreams - Kochi Biennale - Light Art Biennale - Light Festival Italy - Lisbon - Live Happy Goa - Long distance sex toys - Louis Vuitton - Machine learning - Magical realism - MoDem Festival - Moment Factory - Meow Wolf - MOMA - Museum of Goa - N, N-Dimethyltryptamine - Naoshima Island - Narcos - Neuralink - New York Stock Exchange - Nimesha Ranasinghe - No Pants Subway Ride - Orlando - Panjim boardwalk - Rahul - Rann of Kutch - Raspberry Pi - Red Cross - Richard McKenzie - Rohingya - Serendipity Arts Festival - Silent Disco - Stephanie Maria Ludwig - Style Transfer Imaging - Subodh Kerkar - Sujauddein - Taste hacking - teamLab* - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - The Wolf of Wall Street - Times Square - Touchdesigner - UNICEF - United Nations - University of Maine - US Open - Vincent Van Gogh - Virtual Reality - VR Porn - Wall Street - Western Ghats - Yayoi Kusama - Zainul Abadeen ******* Show cover jingle courtesy of Icons8 Music by Nordgroove from Fugue Episode background tunes courtesy of YouTube Audio LibraryHang by Max Sergeev Kamogawa Dreaming by South London HiFi Mix It Up by RalpReal All photographs by Sensistan, and Shammi Raj Bhalla, unless otherwise stated
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