60 minutes | Sep 2, 2020

Parenting now a days and how to STAND up for our rights with the Awesome Dr. Stephanie Rimka

Dr. Stephanie Rimka, BA, DC, BCN is a not a stranger to the NAKED SHOW and known for her boldness to truth shared her passion and tips on this episode so you can feel empowered with the gutsy tools to live your best life now.  She is a holistic brain optimization specialist focusing on integrated neurotherapies to identify and address the root cause of mental illness, learning disorders, and chronic illness. She has dedicated over 25 years to learning the best practices in functional medicine from masters in their fields.  The belief that the body is built upon wisdom and is always working in its best interest activates her relentless pursuit of learning, growing, and upgrading her skillset to help her patients heal.  We are living in very different times and I will keep bringing you current information that needs to be shared by true experts that care. Thanks for listening and rating my podcast. If my content resonates with you and you would like to know if my services can help you GET NAKED of your worst fear and step into your best life;  message me at www.Dr-Aura.com for a FREE consultation, your happiness might thank you later. Stay Naked and true to yourself, Dr. Aura
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