31 minutes | Dec 25, 2020

Naked tips to tap into your happiness source and find peace in the midst of storms, my Christmas present to you all.

Hello Naked Show listeners, It is with love, joy and gratitude that I recorded this podcast with the Naked tips that have helped so many live a freer happier life.  2020 has been such a teacher to most of us for it has taught us to deal with unexpected stresses and realities.  We have been exposed to odd circumstances in our relationships and work environment, everything has been turned upside down and the best I can give you are these tools to better deal with all of it.   My purpose in life is to expand in abundance of love, health, grace and happiness as I help others do the same and I want to thank you for helping me live it on daily basis.  Hoping these tools are useful for you and your loved ones and you start living more happy moments in the middle of the storms.  If 10 of you want to partake in a private coaching group to learn these tools deeper, I will make it happen, message me or email me at doc.auratovar@gmail.com.     Merry Blessings to all, stay Naked and true my friends.  Sinceramente, Dr. Aura
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