27 minutes | Oct 15, 2020

Have you gotten your heart broken? Do you feel alone during this transition? NAKED TIPS just for you!

My most useful NAKED tips that can create the change you long for in the middle of the storm.  So many people suffer alone or are too ashamed to admit their suffering.  I am here to give you lifeline to pass this faster than needed while still getting the healing you need to find the love you long for.  Find enclosed my most efficient NAKED tips to help you heal and indeed tap into your happiness potential.  Share with friends that might need it, and if someone you know needs extra help with healing of this matter, message me and I promise to give out my full NAKED to THRIVE course to at a reduced rate to the 10 people that email me these words in the subject box "NAKED HEALING". I am just so grateful for having learned and heal from such horrible abuse and I feel is in my power to help those in need of hope.   Thank you so much for listening and sharing this podcast to those that need it.  Thank you for your comments, messages and ratings.   Feel free to email me at doc.auratovar@gmail.com. Love and appreciate you, Dr. Aura
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