41 minutes | Jun 24, 2020

Dr. Peter Goldman on the NAKED show again, talking about how to tap into the healing potential and getting true results that last.

Dr. Peter is the founder of the Zone school and an amazing spiritual teacher.  Dr. Goldman tells me; "85% of my patients come in for their initial visit with a reason for care that is non musculoskeletal   Over 100 patients drive 4 hours each way to see me for a 2 minute zone adjustment   Patients fly into to see me from over 20 countries and cities around the world   This is all done with a flat bench and my hands only".     I think he is truly amazing and the real deal.   This conversation is an eye opener for anyone looking to help more people and get true lasting results.  I have to say that I love having this kind of chats and waking up my subconscious to more possibilities of greatness specially in the times we are living now.  Let me know what you thought and reach out to me with any other comments or suggestions.   Stay NAKED and true to yourself.  Thanks for listening, rating, commenting and sharing with others. Much love and appreciation, Dr. Aura
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