23 minutes | Feb 5, 2021

Are you accomplishing your goals and yet still feeling empty inside? This Short NAKED episode is just for you...

YES, this is me, helping you come to terms with being stuck or your empty spaces.  It is not ok to constantly need to fill your bucket to feel whole. It is not how we were wired, although it is how we are constantly being programed right now.  I am being Naked in this one telling you that this was me and the more I had attained or accomplished the more empty I felt when I was alone at night without distractions.   I will tell you there is a way, it's not as hard as you think and I am here to help you. Thanks for listening, rating and sharing with others. For any questions on this episode, to schedule a call to see if getting naked is right for you or for my other links, please visit www.Dr-Aura.com. Bless up, Dr. Aura
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