17 minutes | Mar 13th 2020

Episode 114 - Virus Impact on Basketball, Stars Stepping Up, Jazz Players Livid with Rudy Gobert

Utah Jazz players are reportedly upset with Rudy Gobert for going out of his way to touch them and their belongings in the days leading up to Gobert testing positive for Coronavirus. Donovan Mitchell’s statement following his diagnosis appeared to include a shot at Gobert. We discuss the rift that exists between the Jazz and Gobert and if they'll be able to fix it. Plus, did Rudy Gobert’s positive test lead to less Coronavirus cases?

Kevin Love, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Zion Williamson have pledged to aid arena employees who will be unable to work while the NBA season is indefinitely suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. We discuss the significance of their pledges and what it means for the NBA and their fans. Plus, does this mean Zion is going to be a Pelican lifer? 

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