5 minutes | Oct 27, 2015

Welcome to the Get Media Smart Podcast - Get Media Smart with Cheryl Tan

Summary: Welcome to the kick-off of The Get Media Smart Podcast! I am so excited to be starting this program. I am even more excited to be sharing the stories of some incredible entrepreneurs. Links: Want to take part in a 2-week challenge, and Become a Media Magnet? Click here. Transcript: Welcome to the Get Media Smart podcast. Never struggle to get attention again. I’m your host, Cheryl Tan Want to learn how to get noticed by the media? What if the media came to you, and right behind them….clients and customers? How do you leverage that publicity to grow your company? This is the Get Media Smart podcast, where you will hear real-life stories of publicity gone right. You will learn actionable steps to get your name in front of the people who matter. Hi, everyone! I’m Cheryl Tan. Thanks for joining me. Welcome to the Get Media Smart podcast. Episode 0. This podcast is all about you, the entrepreneur who is trying to figure out how to be seen in a crowded marketplace, how to be seen as an expert in your field.. It’s designed to answer the questions I get all the time from entrepreneurs who feel as if they have been ignored by the media, they’re frustrated by the lack of response they’re getting to their pitches, they’re just not sure where to go to get their story heard. Who am I? I am Cheryl Tan of CherylTanMedia.com. I have been a television journalist for 20 years and over time, I have told thousands of stories. I have looked for stories to share with viewers in so many places, from city council meetings to college campuses...our goal was to inform, to educate, and yes, to entertain the people who tuned in. I have been a reporter, a producer, a host - so I have been been actively looking for stories to fill my shows and capture the attention of my audiences - all within the framework of a very stringent deadline. Over the last few years, I have started telling the stories of entrepreneurs, and I realize the struggle many business people have with reaching out and making the most of publicity and media attention. Many don’t know where to begin. In June 2014, I started a media strategy company where I show entrepreneurs how to get the media attention they want. In June 2015, I got back on television, where I host a business TV show, focusing on businesses near where I live in Virginia
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