5 minutes | Oct 30, 2015

How to raise your profile in Google - Get Media Smart with Cheryl Tan

What you will learn: Now you know how you or your company appear in Google. You may want to do things to change what people see about you and your brand. How do you raise your profile in Google? Links: Want to take part in a 2-week challenge - Become a Media Magnet - and join our Facebook community? Click here. Transcript: Welcome to the Get Media Smart podcast. Never struggle to get attention again. I’m your host, Cheryl Tan Want to learn how to get noticed by the media? What if the media came to you, and right behind them….clients and customers? How do you leverage that publicity to grow your company? This is the Get Media Smart podcast, where you will hear real-life stories of publicity gone right. You will learn actionable steps to get your name in front of the people who matter. Hi, everyone! I’m Cheryl Tan. Thanks for joining me. Welcome to the Get Media Smart podcast. Episode #2. Today is Day #2 of the 2-week Become a Media Magnet challenge. You can sign up for this free email challenge at CherylTanMedia.com/podcast and for two full weeks, you will get action items straight to your inbox - action items that will help you attract attention for you and your business. I will outline the challenges in the first 14 episodes of this podcast. I would love it if you subscribed to the “Get Media Smart” podcast, where I will take you through the entire two-week challenge verbally. The goal of all of this, of course, is to attract attention and then GET MORE CUSTOMERS. Yesterday, I mentioned Google. You typed in your name or your business name and what did you find? Maybe that you have some work to do to get your name closer to the top. I am no SEO expert, by any stretch, and depending on the uniqueness of your name, it could be more or less challenging for you to move up in the ranks. In any case, the best way I know how to raise your profile, literally, is through content. I list three ways, from most difficult...all the way to an option that is much, much simpler. You are the brand. You run your business. In my opinion, your personal website (or your business website) is the number one way to get ranked in Google. So if you type in your name, or your business name, you are close to the top. In terms of degree of difficulty, yes, it can be high up on the list.
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