61 minutes | Aug 30, 2021

Episode #60 - Soft Pants Hard 20

This week the boys discuss grey sweats and what they show.  Also, the age old question about how old or young are you willing to date?  I don't think their answer will surprise you and in fact you may learn that retirement homes are a boiling pot of tinder hookups.  Together when Shakey get's his robotic left leg and Jakey get's his robotic left arm, they will combine forces and become one sexy Voltron of the podcast world!!!Confused yet?If you like to  judge us just by listening - you should really go over to the Tick Tock and watch us make a fool of our selves. @getjudgedpodcast on all platforms. Dust off those gavels and get judging.  Comment, subscribe, DM, wave, poke, like, send nudes - whatever you want to do - just do something you lazy POS.
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