54 minutes | Oct 4, 2021

Pre-Build Phase: Mistakes to Avoid

Hello! This is Episode #216, and it’s the third of four episodes where I’ll be discussing in more detail the four phases of building or renovating your family home. In this episode, I’m talking about the Pre-Build Phase.  This is the phase between Design and Build, and for many, it’s a frustrating time of impatiently waiting for construction to start. Yet, it is the point at which so many things need to be confirmed, finalised and agreed upon, it’s important to navigate through it thoroughly and carefully. So, I’ll be sharing more about that, and the common mistakes to avoid. You'll also hear from a HOME Method member about their project experience as well, and how they found it to work with me during their renos or new build project. And I’ll be reminding you about what is currently going on with HOME Method if it’s been on your radar to jump into for your project. Remember too, you can grab a full transcript of this episode, plus info about other helpful links and resources related to this topic, as a free PDF download by heading to www.undercoverarchitect.com/216. So be sure to do that so you can file that away and review this episode as needed. Now, let’s dive in! SHOW NOTES: If you’re struggling with understanding the overall steps for your project, what you should be focussing on and when, or how to best invest your efforts, energy and money to get a great outcome in your future home, I’ve created something super helpful for you. Access my free online workshop “Your Project Plan” now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplan This free workshop will really help you understand the best steps to take wherever you’re at in your project, and how you can avoid some serious and expensive mistakes.  Plus, I’ll share with you what to focus on and when, so you know you’re getting everything in order for a successful project and beautiful home. And you’ll get access to some great bonuses as well. This episode will be about the Pre-Build phase, and the mistakes to avoid during this phase. I have three key mistakes many make, and I’ll share what they are, the damage they can do, and how you can, and should, avoid them in your project.  In the next episode, I’ll discuss the Build Phase. That will be the final of our four phases that any project goes through. I hope you’ve been finding it helpful to hear the mistakes to avoid in all of these phases, because I’m really aiming to provide you with some actionable advice you can use to steer clear of some drama and stress in your project! So, let’s dive into the third phase, Pre-Build.  This phase is an interesting one, because many homeowners really do race through this phase. For many, starting construction feels like the project is finally real and actually happening, and so there’s an urgency to get things happening on site as soon as possible. Yet, the thing about Pre-Build, is that there is loads in this phase associated with your money, legal issues and getting properly prepared for a smooth construction or build phase. And racing through this Pre-Build phase can result in some quite dangerous consequences, including cost blowouts, and legal issues that are expensive and difficult to get out of. The Pre-Build phase is actually the last chance you have to put the brakes on, and ensure that everything is in order, understood and clearly communicated between you and your team prior to starting construction on site. Tune into this episode, and learn more about the commonly made mistakes in the Pre-Build Phase that can make your project far more stressful than it needs to be. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST NOW. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: For links and resources mentioned in this podcast, head to >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/216 Get your name on the list for our free online workshop “The 4 Universal Factors that will make or break your project” >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/four Access my free “Your Project Plan” online workshop and awesome bonuses now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplanSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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