61 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

PAC Process | The DESIGNER

Hello! This is Episode 203. In this episode, I speak with a building designer who is using the PAC Process with his residential clients to improve the design process, and the client experience in their project. You may recall Aaron Wailes, who featured as our Building Designer in Season 4 (Know Your Team) here on the podcast. Aaron Wailes is the Founder and Owner of GreenCoast Building Design, a residential design practice focused on delivering form, function, personality and lifestyle to residential housing. Based in Wynnum, Brisbane, they work with clients all over SE Queensland and beyond. Remember, our PAC Process, is where you bring a builder on to be Paid As a Consultant during the pre-construction phase.  They become a collaborative member of your design team, working alongside you and your chosen designer, to provide input on cost and buildability as your design develops and gets resolved. Aaron has some great insight to share about how he sees this process working for homeowners in real life, plus tips to help you get the most from the process and your design experience, and some really great ideas about building the right team for your reno or new build. And remember, to access the resources and information mentioned in this episode, you can head to https://undercoverarchitect.com/203, as I’ve popped them all there for you.  There’s also a full PDF Transcript you can download - I don’t usually transcribe the interviews because it’s such a big job compared to my solo episodes, but we had some challenges with internet stability in this interview, so I thought it would be helpful for you to have a version you could read as a backup!  So head to https://undercoverarchitect.com/203 to grab that free PDF transcript too. So, let’s dive in. SHOW NOTES: If you’re struggling with understanding the overall steps for your project, what you should be focusing on and when, or how to best invest your efforts, energy and money to get a great outcome in your future home, I’ve created something super helpful for you. Access my free online workshop “Your Project Plan” now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplan This free workshop will really help you understand the best steps to take wherever you’re at in your project, and how you can avoid some serious and expensive mistakes.  Plus, I’ll share with you what to focus on and when, so you know you’re getting everything in order for a successful project and beautiful home. And you’ll get access to some great bonuses as well. In this episode, Aaron and I discuss: GreenCoast Building Design and how things have changed since the last time he was on the podcast. How many builders he works with using the PAC Process What happens as part of the initial query (when a client first gets in touch) The most common questions and concerns from clients about the PAC Process The main things Aaron has to be aware of as a designer, knowing he’s working for, and commissioned by the client The greatest source of confusion in this process Plus his big tips to get it right when using the PAC Process Listen now. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: For links and resources mentioned in this podcast, head to >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/203   Access my free “Your Project Plan” online workshop and awesome bonuses now >>> https://undercoverarchitect.com/projectplanSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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