39 minutes | Jul 26th 2020

Episode 170: Endgame (SG-1 8.10)

"...did we lose the Stargate?" The Stargate disappears without a trace in the middle of the night, leaving the SGC inoperable and an off-world Teal'c under the assumption that Earth has been compromised - all the while, Goa'uld planets are being attacked, leaving millions of Jaffa, both friend and foe, dead. Certainly a lot of Stargate goodness in 'Endgame' - but does its all work? Subscribe & listen now on your favourite podcasting app! Join us and discover or re-live the magic of all things Stargate! Find us on: Facebook: facebook.com/Get-Into-Gate-265524513827574/ Twitter: twitter.com/GetIntoGate Instagram: instagram.com/getintogate Patreon: www.patreon.com/getintogate Get Into Gate is a weekly celebration of all things STARGATE brought to you by the team behind Get Into Geek. When we discovered one of our own, Rhys, had never seen one second of STARGATE and was forever left out of our in-jokes and throwback references, the rest of the team decided to rediscover it with him and breakdown the series one episode at a time.
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