51 minutes | May 22, 2016

05 How to Build a Software Company to Combat Unconscious Bias with Stephanie Lampkin

Welcome to Episode 05. Today we will be speaking with Stephanie Lampkin about raising capital, her decision to pursue an MBA mid-career, and unconscious biases which play a role in the hiring process in many technology companies. She touched on building the first iteration of her product and the resources which she was able to access through participating in accelerators. In this episode we also talked about: creating a public relations strategy to attract consumers and investors, motivation and things to consider when pursuing an MBA, carefully building a team, and raising  first round of investments through Pipeline Angels. Stephanie Lampkin is the founder & CEO of Blendoor, a ‘blind’ recruiting app that circumvents unconscious bias and thus facilitates diversity recruiting in tech companies. With a 13 year career in tech spanning companies like Lockheed, Microsoft, and TripAdvisor, she is all too familiar the difficulties faced when one doesn’t #looklikeanengineer. Through technology and data, her mission is to challenge the assumptions that seeking diversity means lowering the bar or the lack thereof is primarily a pipeline problem. Stephanie holds a BS in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford and an MBA from MIT Sloan.
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