41 minutes | May 8, 2016

04: How to Facilitate Productive Relationships with Investors

In Episode 04, we spoke with Rodney Williams CEO and Co-founder of Lisnr. We talk about developing relationships with investors, as well as growing and pivoting his company based on the market’s responses. Rodney also touched on the importance of predicting his company's yearly outcomes and planning accordingly. He stressed the importance of learning quickly in the role of CEO. A few other things we touched on include: Filing a provisional patent within the first 3 months of the company’s inception; Prioritizing product features; Finding product market fit; targeting core strategic investors and much more. Rodney Williams is CEO and Co-founder of LISNR. He was recently selected in 2013 for AdAge’s top 40 marketers under 40 and is aiming to change the way consumers interact with audio as engagement platform and an intriguing advertising model for brands. Prior to Lisnr, he spent 4+ years at Procter & Gamble leading a number of Brand Management, digital, and point of entry media efforts, often being noted as one the most innovative young talents within the company. During his time at P&G, he became the 1st marketer to be issued a digital patent (3 Total P&G Patents awarded). Prior to P&G, he spent 2 years in Business Development for Lockheed Martin and 4+ years leading a collegiate digital agency focusing on consumer acquisitions and CRM management. Rodney currently holds an M.B.A. from Howard University along with 3 additional degrees Rodney intends the barrier for proximity-based marketing on mobile devices, LISNR is expanding the opportunity for marketers and brands to target messaging to consumers through relevant mobile connections. The Cincinnati-based company was started in 2012.  
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