49 minutes | May 8, 2016

02: How to Create a Minimum Viable Product

In today's episode, we spoke with Topik CEO/Software Engineer, Kevin Hagen as well their Communications Director Clayton Pasley. These former football players turned software entrepreneurs talked about the initial steps they took to build their company. Kevin and Clayton touched the inspiration for Topik as well as the process of building a minimum viable product. Kevin also touched on the process of finding his team and advisors and his laid back approach to management   In this episode, we also touch on: Conducting market research; Setting milestones; creating an enterprise solution for established Magazine Publishers.;the importance of testing, iterating and listening to what the market tells you; Maintaining communication with early adopters and the importance of moving at your own pace.   Topik is a mobile blogging platform that simplifies publishing. Anyone from a mobile device can write and present their story in an elegant format. In the summer of 2015 Topik was selected as a start-up business at the DePaul University Entrepreneurship program. Building on the momentum from the entrepreneurship program, Topik caught the eye of a major publications companies in Chicago, that wanted to leverage the technology to power their digital platforms. With these early successes, Kevin formed a software company with five other seasoned professionals from business and technology. Their goal is to launch Topik in the summer of 2016 as a consumer and enterprise product. Kevin Hagens is a 23 year old software entrepreneur from St. Louis, Missouri with a deep interest in engineering. His addiction for computers started at grandfather allowed him to create a Powerpoint presentation on a Windows 98 PC. While his teenage life was consumed with football, baseball and track he was inspired by how software could impact the world in major way. Motivated by that dream he graduated with honors in Computer Science from Concordia University Chicago in 2014. While a student, Kevin began working on many of his o
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