52 minutes | May 4, 2016

01: How to Start a Print Magazine from Scratch

We spoke with BUNCH Magazines Publisher & Editor in Chief, Lizzy Okoro, and the Creative Director Asia David. Bunch is a guide for daring creative entrepreneurs. Okoro tells us about New York's art scene serving as the inspiration for pursuing her dream of starting a print magazine. We go through the initial steps she took to turn her idea into reality. Asia David, Creative Director of BUNCH Magazine talks about cold emailing her way into an internship at BRUNCH. After consistently producing great content, she vocalized her interest in additional responsibility and earned her position as Creative Director and eventually rebranded BUNCH. In this episode we also talked about: Finding a printer and shipping methods. Revenue streams such as advertising. The structure of their team and working with contributors. The challenges and excitement of print magazines. And much more.  
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