3 minutes | Aug 1, 2021

Erst Ordnung schaffen.

First, create order.When you have order, things begin to fall into place.But if all your German materials are all over the place, your German learning will be, too.Listen to how one of my private lesson clients created order.And how you can help things fall into place for your German learning.********Check out Weekly German Practice With NicoleNicole Warner is the Nicole of GermanWithNicole.com and is a German learner (certified level C2) and a certified instructor for German as a Foreign Language. She lived in Germany from 2003-2008 and has traveled widely in Germany. Frau Warner has helped people learn to communicate in German since 2010.GermanWithNicole.com - Your anchor on the stormy seas of German learning.™Music: Bonnie Ship the Diamond by Tim Beek
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