20 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

46. Triple numbness / Rocket ship

Hey pal,Fun fact: Someone in high school introduced me to the word "pal" and every time I say it I think of her :')As we speak, the right half of my face (including my teeth) are numb :p The numbness made it's way to my ear even. Uhhhhhhhhh. Why my dentist wanted me triple numbed, I do not know. Here we are though! (what else can I tell you right now?) Quack!There is a simple interactive prayer within topic one and a Bible verse (Mark 11:23) within topic two.Topics start at 6:35!To when fitness is importantTo when motivation is so tough To when your heart beats so fast Please head over to https://edccrate.com and use coupon code GQT15% if you are interested in buying something 😊DISCLOSURE: GOING ON TANGENTS MAY OR MAY NOT BE INVOLVED; THIS SHOW IS CONVERSATIONALLY TRUE TO HOW I SPEAK.Please consider sending any comments or feedback you have through the contact page of my website johnmichaelcollins.com/contact. Lastly, go check out Cinema-Sonic.com!YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME, ENJOY!
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