20 minutes | Feb 2nd 2021

45. No more cookie dough / Nylon and Polyester

Well hello there friend,I made another batch of cookie dough and cannot figure out which ingredient I forgot to add :( Does anybody know? Or maybe I put too much butter in it. Bleh! I think all of these topics are somewhat dangerous so please either do not try them at home or be very very careful when doing them.Topics start at 6:51!To when I made a giant snapper bombTo when you smell too many chemicalsTo when I dug that snow tunnelTo when you get a muscle cramp Please head over to https://edccrate.com and use coupon code GQT15% if you are interested in buying something 😊DISCLOSURE: GOING ON TANGENTS MAY OR MAY NOT BE INVOLVED; THIS SHOW IS CONVERSATIONALLY TRUE TO HOW I SPEAK.Please consider sending any comments or feedback you have through the contact page of my website johnmichaelcollins.com/contact. Lastly, go check out Cinema-Sonic.com!YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME, ENJOY!
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