20 minutes | Jan 12th 2021

42. D0m!n!0n / I am a monkey

Wow this year is FLYING by! (Smirk)If you are sensitive to current events in the United States, I share my Georgia senate runoff story which runs from 1:26 to 4:43. Other than political vortexes, I guess there is a polar vortex coming to Georgia soon so standby for how it goes. New things with me... I have an inhaler now, but hopefully won't need to use it ever. I have a desk job where I joyfully utilize my computer and communication skills. Lastly, I end with a visual scale of God with a message, from 17:32 to 18:48. (Right after you will discover an inspirational quote from me :p)Topics start at 7:26!To when I enjoyed runningTo when meteors are coolTo when the moon seems closeHere's a link to Star Walk 2!: (I've actually only used the first version)https://apps.apple.com/us/app/star-walk-2-the-night-sky-map/id892279069Please head over to https://edccrate.com and use coupon code GQT15% if you are interested in buying something 😊DISCLOSURE: GOING ON TANGENTS MAY OR MAY NOT BE INVOLVED; THIS SHOW IS CONVERSATIONALLY TRUE TO HOW I SPEAK.Please consider sending any comments or feedback you have through the contact page of my website johnmichaelcollins.com/contact. Lastly, go check out Cinema-Sonic.com!YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME, ENJOY!
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