20 minutes | Dec 15th 2020

38. Thank you brain!! / Laughter

10 days baby!! Until, you know, Christmas??I bought myself the Billy Boys Cologne Roller from https://edccrate.com to celebrate. Make sure to use coupon code GQT15%Stay tuned for an update :pThere are deep levels of vulnerability in here which include tears and the Lord. Just a reminder of how a journal or diary is an unfiltered log of your thoughts, this podcast is for the most part similar (I do not plan when to go deep, it just happens.) 6:53 is where the emotional trajectory begins yet does not really hit until topic 2. Which then goes into the story of when I had a stroke. Tears start flowing lightly at 10:26 and come full force at 11:33! Lastly, topics start at 3:29!·        "To when I can’t stop thinking"·        "To when I flew in a helicopter"·        "To when I learned of airfoils"Here is a link to the turbofan engine… The General Electric GE9X!https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Electric_GE9XDISCLOSURE: GOING ON TANGENTS MAY OR MAY NOT BE INVOLVED; THIS SHOW IS CONVERSATIONALLY TRUE TO HOW I SPEAK.Please consider sending any comments or feedback you have through the contact page of my website johnmichaelcollins.com/contact. Lastly, go check out Cinema-Sonic.com!YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME, ENJOY!
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