65 minutes | Sep 29th 2019

#71 Pt 1 – If You Care, The Audience Will Care: Passion Projects, Future Paths & The Value Of Education With Tony Farina

This week Mike is joined by Tony Farina; Assistant Professor of Humanities at Siena Heights University, reviewer of comics & audiobooks, an early adopter of online education and friend of the show!

Part 1 of their chat begins by talking about how Tony & Mike were introduced before delving into a short Star Wars talk and then moving swiftly onto education. Tony & Mike discuss their early years in school & college, before discussing people rarely knowing their future career path when in education, as Tony always had an idea of what he wanted to be but Mike didn’t (and still doesn’t haha)! Tony then talks about how colleges/degrees in America work as well as why he believes education is valuable, as well as people pursuing something they’re passionate about before finishing off with Tony discussing how teaching online courses is different from in-person lectures!

In part 2 (out next week) their chat continues with the difference of online courses versus teaching in-person, how it’s odd that some names are gender-specific while others are androgynous, Tony & Mike then have a discussion on some of the different interpretations of the bible including the infamous ‘man must not sleep with a man’ part, before speaking about what Women’s Studies includes, what Tony is currently studying & what his thesis will entail and much more!

If you are interested in the university or the programs at Siena Heights, check out this link

Tony’s reviews of DC/Warner things - Tony’s Twitter

Tony has interviewed writers & artists such as Mark Russell, Jon Davis-Hunt, Adriana Mello and the entire creative team for Last Stop on the Red Line which you can listen to here

In case you missed it, last week Mike spoke with Brad Sugars; entrepreneur, owner/chairmen of several companies, author of 17 books, family man and a truly inspirational guy to talk to! Their chat includes Brad’s entrepreneurial journey before discussing his company ActionCOACH, as well as why he believes travelling is so important, his experiences speaking to people on a 1-to-1 level as well as in large seminars, the importance of learning from multiple sources about a large array of things & not having tunnel vision and that struggle breeds character! In addition to these, Mike & Brad discuss that refining one’s product (in music, business or otherwise) is a necessity as well as how the market has changed for all industries and why people need to look ahead to remain relevant, how the internet is neither good or bad, Brad's new book Pulling Profits From A Hat and his bucket list, before finishing off with some quick-fire questions about health & wellbeing and Brad’s UK tour dates for his seminars.

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Don't forget to check out Ignite The Flame Audio, the podcast by Mikes good friend Wayne Telford, it's something you don't want to miss - an audiobook with a difference; tips of the trade, more in-depth information about inspirations (as well as easter eggs) as well as a chapter of his first book A Light In The Mist in each episode (full book now out for free to listen to with bonus content)!

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