65 minutes | Apr 24, 2020

Episode 57: Going Back in Time to Find Things Ahead of its Time

The Gentlemen take a look back at Pop Culture and tease out 4 amazing things that were streets ahead. Russell goes for a TV Land Favorite, Nick can't quick with this Animal Crossing, and Grave and Tison round out the show with two thoughtful choices. It's all well and good here in the Zoom Studio. Other Topics include:-The Catman is back!-Russell claims, multiple times, that we are the funniest podcast. period. -The Gang makes up Fake Topics for the episode-Each Other's Wives, Ice Cream, and Trails As always, you can find us on all major social media platforms, podcatchers, and your moms house. Twitter: @gentlemen4outs Instagram: gentlemenoffouroutspodcast Facebook: www.facebook.com/Gentlemen4Outs GMAIL: gentlementoffouroutspodcast@gmail.comLook it...If you're enjoying the show, don't forget to subscribe on your favorite podcast app. It would be wonderful if you'd also rate and review the show.#GOFO
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