52 minutes | Nov 10, 2020

Gut health for the holidays with Dr. Erika La Vella

With Halloween just behind us and Thanksgiving straight ahead, it's official: we've entered the Season of Sugar.  And it's not just sugar, of course: it's salt and saturated fat and stress and alcohol and stress and parties and not enough sleep and stress. If you think your head aches after a night of too much indulgence, just imagine what your poor gut biome is going through.  And as we get older, our gut biome changes, loses diversity, isn't as able to handle the demands we put on those poor friendly bacteria, especially over the holidays. Fortunately, there are experts like metabolic surgeon and founder of LaVellaYourGuts.com, Dr. Erika La Vella. In this conversation with Gennev's Director of Health Coaching, Stasi Kasianchuk, Dr. La Vella talks about how to preserve your gut through the holiday season and stay healthier all year 'round. 
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