36 minutes | Dec 23, 2020

Emotions, gut health, & menopause with Erika La Vella

What's the link between your gut health and your emotions? It's a tighter combination than most of us realize, meaning perhaps more of our mental and emotional health is in our control than we previously thought. We know that our emotions can have a direct physical result: stress, depression, anxiety — all of these can show up in our bodies and in our guts. Upset stomach, loss of (or increase in) appetite, body aches and pains can all result from emotional distress. But the impact travels both directions: the health of our microbiome can also dictate a great deal of how we feel, physically and emotionally. In this podcast, Gennev Director of Health Coaching Stasi Kasianchuk talks with metabolic surgeon, gut-health expert, and owner of LaVellaYourGuts.com, Dr. Erika La Vella, about the intersection of nutrition, emotion, gut, brain, and menopause.  
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