62 minutes | Jul 14, 2020

What You Say and How You Say It: Lessons in Powerful Communication: Featuring Hugh Downs - Genius Network Episode #152

Remembering Hugh Downs: The Broadcasting Pioneer. In a broadcast career that spanned more than a half-century, Hugh Downs was one of the most versatile and durable personalities on television. A mainstay of American TV-watching rituals for generations, he held for years the world record for most time on air — more than 10,000 hours until 2004. If you’d like access to the video, show notes or the exercise to help you take action on what was discussed, please visit www.GeniusNetwork.com/152. Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Hugh in this episode:  How he got caught up in selling stolen goods.  His biggest “radio voice” lesson. Who his allegiance is to FIRST, then second. How he landed in Newsweek magazine for a breach of contract.  His 10 “MOST ____” stories. What your personality says about you in the first 10 seconds of meeting someone new.  Every piece of communication is _______, ________, and/or _________. What he attributes to the success of his marriage. 
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