54 minutes | Jan 5th 2016

Introducing the Abundance Cubed Program for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the first episode of the Abundance Cubed Program for Wellness Entrepreneurs! We will feature this program on the first Tuesday of every month for 2016. So what is the Abundance Cubed Program? This is a group coaching program being facilitated by Sandra Malhotra, host of Gen R Wholistic Radio, and Noam Kostucki, accomplished coach and creator of masterpieces. We chose a fantastic group of 5 participants who want to expand their wellness business without compromising their values. Noam will coach this group each month on a different topic, and on the first Tuesday of the following month, we will discuss the topic and coaching session on Gen R Radio. During today’s episode, Noam and I will introduce ourselves, the 5 participants, the coaching topics, and how you can follow along and learn as well. Tune in to learn more, and follow our Abundance Cubed Radio for Wellness Entrepreneurs Facebook page to participate. Let's make 2016 an epic year of growth and expansion!
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