16 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

84. Going Bionic with BCG

Understanding BCG's Bionic Company Framework  . In this episode, Michael Marchuk talks with Abhi Kodey, Managing Director and Partner with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), about BCG's Bionic Company framework that describes how companies in multiple industries are combining the strengths of humans and technology to create more adaptive and resilient organizations. Using this framework, companies are building successful and far-reaching digital transformations to reposition their competitive capabilities for a bionic future.   . While many of the elements of bionic companies are well known, such as artificial intelligence, digital talent, and platform-based software and services, the formula for putting them all together is neither immediately evident nor easy to implement. Abhi explains these concepts and puts it all together in this podcast.  . Here’s what we talked with Abhi about: *The impact on people and the organization when building a bionic company *How business outcomes shape the direction of digital transformation *Why intelligent automation is an important part of the bionic company . To ensure that you never miss an episode of Transform NOW, be sure to subscribe!  
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