36 minutes | Mar 24, 2021

83. How Intelligent Automation and Drones Can Assist in the Rollout of 5G

Learn how three exciting technologies intersect to drive the Telecom business forward . What are the challenges and complexities of rolling out 5G? How is drone technology working along side Intelligent Automation and a digital workforce to address these challenges?  . In this episode, Bill Rubino, Sr. Director of Telco Industry Marketing at Blue Prism speaks with James Harrison, Founder and CEO of Inspection2, and Martin Stevenson, EMEA Head of Telecommunications at Blue Prism about the rollout of 5G, where it stands today and where it's going.  .  Here’s what we talked with James and Martin about:  * The challenges that telcos are facing  * How a digital twin of cell towers can yield cost savings and revenue potential for telcos   * The importance of Intelligent Automation in the rollout of 5G  . To ensure that you never miss an episode of Transform NOW, be sure to subscribe!  
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