32 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

82. Intelligent Automation as a Core Competency

It's a Capability, Not a Tool Many companies have had early success with intelligent automation but then failed to scale their digital workforce capability across business functions and LOB’s. These companies struggle to capitalize on the opportunity to grow the benefits received from their automation investment as they automate more and more business processes. . On this episode, Brad Hairston talks with Kevin Smilie, Managing Director at the global advisory Alvarez & Marsal, who explains how companies can avoid this intelligent automation stalemate and make utilization of the digital workforce part of their DNA. .Here’s what we talked with Kevin about:  * The current trend in intelligent automation adoption and expansion * Root causes of organizations failing to scale their intelligent automation solution across the enterprise * The impact of the Center of Excellence on intelligent automation adoption and expansion * Keys to reversing the stalemate in intelligent automation and changing the way it is viewed/utilized * How a company effectively makes intelligent automation a core competency    * What re-skilling and up-skilling human workers entails   * The importance of managing change well at the leadership level * Behaviors that hinder leaders from taking risks   . To ensure that you never miss an episode of Transform NOW, be sure to subscribe!
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