41 minutes | Jan 26, 2021

73. What Role Does AI and Automation Play in the New Model of Hyper-accelerated Transformation? 

In the wake of Covid-19's accelerated digital economy, some companies were prepared. Many were not. For those companies whose operating vulnerabilities have been exposed, they're working hard to catch up. But they're finding that they're now aiming at a moving target.  

On this episode, Michael Marchuk talks with Al Naqvi, CEO of American Institute for Artificial Intelligence about how AI is transforming our economy. Hear from this master of AI about how companies are transitioning to the next era of AI economy.

Here’s what we talked with Al about:

  1. How executives can improve the effectiveness of adopting AI
  2. Understanding how data created through operations can be leveraged by AI
  3. How AI can provide a competitive advantage

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