32 minutes | Jul 29th 2018

GenYChron Ep. 0016 – The Millennial munchies: Foraging and eating wild edibles

Show summary This week we listen to Jasmin share her knowledge about foraging for wild edibles. We talk about our experiences foraging berries, nuts and various plants in Germany and Nova Scotia. We also explain how we make teas, juices and salads from wild berries and herbs. Show notes 1:00 - Picking elderberries and making homemade elderberry juice 3:05 - Elderberry juice is an important ingredient for making German Christmas wine (Glühwein) 3:55 - Make your own camomile tea by picking it fresh in your neighbourhood 5:00 - We noticed that the locals in Munich love to forage for wild onions 6:48 - “Bang peas”? 7:22 - Dandelions 8:35 - Fiddleheads 9:02 - Making tea and salads from the prickly stinging nettle 10:29 - Walnuts do not look like walnuts when they’re growing on a tree 11:53 - Hazelnuts 12:53 - Beware of mushrooms (Do not eat wild mushrooms if you don’t know what is safe to eat) 15:12 - Don’t mistake elderberries for “bird berries” 15:38 - Raspberries and blackberries tend to grow in the same areas 16:41 - Wild “German” plums are generally smaller than the imported variety 19:16 - Beechnuts 19:50- Castanea sativa (Sweet chestnut) 21:35 - Les Stroud on his Survivorman show, demonstrated how to eat cattail roots and wild cucumber 23:54 - Foraging is a fun activity for all ages 24:43 - Edible flowers 25:34 - Acorns 26:38 - I caught a beaver stealing corn from a farmer’s field in Munich 29:03 - Suburban farming in Munich 30:41 - Truffles
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