28 minutes | Jul 15th 2018

GenYChron Ep. 0014 – Emotional maturity, ageism and Millennial wisdom

Show summary This week on the Gen Y Chronicles podcast, Jasmin and I tackle some complex topics that affect Gen Y. Listen to our personal experiences and stories about the age perception gap between North America and Europe, and our opinions about the evolution of emotional maturity in Millennials. Show notes 0:40 - How do you define emotional maturity? 1:22 - Jordan Peterson on Theo Von’s This Past Weekend Show #110 discusses why family gets more important as he gets older (YouTube video) 2:25 - Do Millennials value family less and less while career is becoming overvalued? 6:15 - Wisdom from the Game Grumps: You care less about what people think of you as you get older (YouTube video and research article on how age affects perception of emotions) 7:59 - Jerry Seinfeld’s funny observation about older people/fathers: “I can make my own people” (YouTube video) 9:21 - Growing out of your shell of shyness 9:50 - How age is perceived differently in Canada versus Germany 16:39 - At age 18 you are legally an adult, but your brain is still developing until the mid twenties (SciShow Psych video on YouTube) 17:45 - Has the infantilization of youth in North America created an age perception gap between North America and Europe? 20:59 - The “tween” phenomenon. Clarification: There seems to be multiple definitions of the word “tween”. My interpretation is based on the word’s origin from J.R.R Tolkien’s book, The Hobbit (Words you never knew came from literature). A “tween” is someone between the ages of 20 and 33. 22:56 - How different economic and societal factors affect Gen Y (See list of references from the Millennials at Work research article) 27:24 - If you have any ideas for next week’s podcast, please let us know in the comments below or via our Contact page
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